Real Estate: As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!

The No-Nonsense Landlord Cover

The No-Nonsense Landlord
Building Wealth with Rental Properties

I would have run and purchased this if I were a librarian back in 1988.  This really did have lots of good information for beginning in real estate.  Sample contracts, estimates on costs, dealing with tenants, tax laws, etc.  For 2010, this edition is just plain ridiculous.  (The author updated this in 1993 and again in 2003)  I cannot understand why some public libraries are holding on to this edition.  Reminder folks, hoarding is NOT collection development.   This material needs constant attention.  New year’s resolution time:  run to the business and real estate section and toss the old stuff.  For those of us in public libraries that depend on property taxes for funding, you might find this first chapter title mildly amusing.

Here’s to wealth in the new year!


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  1. Well, land being the classic limited commodity it will always have something under it. Obviously that doesn’t prevent a bubble and the resulting correction…

  2. I’ve known some landlords who still think it’s 1988, although unfortunately not in terms of pricing their rental units…

  3. In helping a patron find information on bankruptcy, I was appalled to find NUMEROUS guides that pre-date changes in bankruptcy law. If someone checked one of these out, they could have approached the process incorrectly and endangered their case. Books on real estate investment, sure; books on real estate investment that are 22 years old, not so much. Anything on investment that’s 22 years old probably isn’t very useful anymore. And if the laws have changed, so much for those contracts …

  4. Well, yeah, if I owned a block of what appear to be, based on the cover, lovingly-restored Victorian-era homes in San Francisco, I’d probably be able to make a lot of money being a landlord (well, landlady) too!

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