Reach Out and Touch (this book and weed it)

Diana Ross coverDiana Ross

Submitter: I found the following children’s biography at my local library. To me it seems very out of date. I asked a few kids and no one knew of Diana Ross. Hmmm? The book was published in 1996. Too old to still be relevant? There was a timeline in the back that only goes up to 1994. A quick search of Wikipedia shows many other events that happened after the publication of this book. I am no longer a public librarian. Still, I would have to think this is out of date?

Holly: In a word, yes. Here in the Detroit area, we simply must have a good Diana Ross biography! This reminds me of the time I bought a Supremes greatest hits type of CD for the library, and as it turned out it was – as Mary called it – the “wrong” Supremes.  Apparently that particular greatest hits album was created after Diana Ross left the band. She will never let me live down buying “the wrong Supremes.” Imagine what she’d do if she found this old, old biography in a public library? Her story continues, my friends, and there Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to keep me from weeding this one. (See what I did there?)




  1. As soon as you said it I realized why this book might be of regional interest. Same way I imagine libraries in Alabama probably all have bios of Bear Bryant.

  2. In 1996 people were still using “the Far East” to mean Asia? I thought that went out with colonialism.

  3. Okay, do I have to be the one to say it? I guess so:

    That’s some unfortunate shading on her crotch on the cover illustration.

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