Rap your way to breast health

coping with Breast Cancer cover

Coping: A Young Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention

Do young women need information on breast cancer? Most definitely. This is weed worthy because of the age. Medical and science info is always suspect after 5-10 years. Nearly 30 years is ridiculous.

Also the image for the cover looks really distorted to me. That is the book, not my poor photo editing skills.

However, it is the cringe-worthy rap included in the second image that takes the cake. Because today’s teens really need a rap to get with the program of breast self exam.


coping with breast cancer text
about surgery


    1. According to my mom, *my* sign refers to a young woman who has never been married and I should not bring it up again in public.

  1. That… I hesitate to dignify it with the name of rap… doggerel is indeed terrible. And would definitely turn off the kids of then or now. Purest cheese and trying way too hard. Cringe!

    The same kind of people who’d think stretching the cover photo that far wouldn’t look weird.

  2. Honest, not sarcastic question (because its obvious this book is unsatisfactory outside an archival or specialized collection): are males supposed to examine their testes?

    1. Woman here, not a medical professional, but my understanding is yes, they are supposed to at least be aware of any changes.

    2. Yes, they are. That’s how a friend’s boyfriend found his, so it was caught before it spread. He was a Marine in his 20’s, so not the kind of guy you’d associate with cancer.

      (They gave him a fake testicle implant; the rest of it still worked fine, my friend said.)

    3. As the owner of a pair of testicles I can confirm we are. In fact back when I was in high school this was something we were told in health class we should start doing in the shower.

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