Radio and TV from the old days

Television and Radio

This little book is part history of broadcasting and part commentary. It is basically a collection of essays about the impact of tv and radio broadcasting on society.  Sports, cultural programming, behind the scenes industry workings, Neilsen ratings, and other topics are used to give the reader a sense of the overall industry. It features articles and essays from a variety of publications such as Time, Newsweek, Atlantic, and the New York Times. It reminds me of those Opposing Viewpoints books, that try to show all sides of an issue. The articles are pretty interesting especially when you put these articles into today’s version of the media.

This is obviously a portion of an entire reference series that was part of a high school or perhaps college library. Time to let this one go.


tv radio


  1. Who else had Steely Dan running through their head while reading the part on FM radio…?

  2. Talk about a come-down for FM! The two shows mentioned at the top of page 27 would be amazing to listen to, then or now.

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