Radiation Alert!

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Radiation Alert

Remember 3 Mile Island? This event began a serious discussion of radiation, nuclear power, and safety. This book was published a few years after and probably was a slam dunk as a library purchase in the 1980s. At the time of this writing, this book was still in circulation.  The book also had an RFID tag affixed so I can only imagine the holding library felt that it was worth keeping into the mid 1990s, as that is when the library automated. But wait, in the mid 2000s, this library adopted RFID, so yet another opportunity to weed slipped by. When we do big projects like RFID, moving the collections, expanding the library, etc., take that time to really consider weeding and come up with a plan to make sure these titles don’t slip through the cracks.


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  1. You know, this one was still perfectly relevant up until wifi and cellphones became mainstream and the inevitable superstitious claptrap about them giving people cancer started doing the rounds. I wonder if there’s a second edition that covers those?

  2. I work in Tech Services and when we went to RFID, they tagged everything. I begged them to weed before we spent so much time tagging..why is it that people hate weeding so much. So we ended up putting tags on books that should have been weeded and 6 months later those books are coming back to be weeded. Such a waste of time and money. They are finally weeding juvenile books and I cannot believe some of the stuff that is being sent back..books that should have been weeded 5 YS Managers ago..books from the 80’s and 90’s.

  3. The part about radioactive dishes is kind of scary… I never had any Fiestaware, but I ate some number of meals from other people’s Franciscan flowered plates (I assume that is what the yellow and pink refers to? pictures would have been helpful).

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