Questionable Bunny Behaviors

peter rabbit board book cover

Peter Rabbit
Peek Through Board Books

The bunnies are having a pretty good time in this little board book. Note the wine making and the smoking of “rabbit tobacco”. Perhaps this is Peter Rabbit’s marijuana dispensary and wine bar.

Sketchy bunny activities not withstanding, I think it worth making a comment about a board book being this old and still hanging around. Board books are tiny germ factories and really shouldn’t be hanging around for over a year or so. I am going to guess that board books are chewed upon regularly by tiny patrons. Recycling these books often is a good strategy for keeping the germs under reasonable control.

I die a little every time I see a lot of effort put into maintaining board books. It is not heroic use of time to rescue one of these books from the grips, or should I say teeth, of the average toddler. The fact that this book was used or checked out in the early 2000s, and STILL hanging around in 2020 is rather gross.

I know the little ones love these books. They are a worthwhile use of collection dollars. However, recycle those suckers often and keep a healthy amount of hand sanitizer around.


peter rabbit back cover with stickers

making cowslip wine

peter rabbit and smoking


  1. How nice to have the budget to refresh the board books every year. We can’t afford to, but we do boost the kids’ immune systems with our germy old books, so long as they aren’t too chewed up.

  2. As a child I used to watch Golden Age cartoons where characters would get drunk and smoke cigars, but I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve never smoked. Unless you count all the times it was second-hand from adults smoking. 🙁

  3. Bunny misconduct and infantile germs aside, I would love to have a copy of this. I’m a sucker for pop-up and see-through books. Peter Rabbit just adds another little layer of interest. It’s also a wonder that the cut-out parts of this board book have survived as long as they have.

    In the interests of hygiene and good examples, weed this. In the interests of people like me, put it in the next book sale.

  4. I have to speculate that the ONLY reason this book should be weeded is due to health concerns (you can supposedly pick up germs or disease from a book this old) because I don’t think that the actual PREMISE or THEMES of this book are necessarily dated- bunnies are still cute regardless of
    whatever century it is.

  5. Both cowslip wine and “rabbit tobacco” exist, but are more hallmarks of “Merrie Olde England” than the United States, as is much of the Beatrix Potter diaspora. This is definitely a British book in more ways than just content.

    Europeans tend to mock Americans’ “Puritanical” (some would say “Calvinist”) reactions to “sinful” things like depicting tobacco, drink, weapons, etc. in the presence of children, never mind such things as topless beaches.

    But, yeah, condition and lack of circulation condemn this one.

    1. Yeah, good example being the Ace Attorney games, which deal with murder trials and investigations, but for the US translations changed every mention of wine to grape juice because heaven forbid the kids get exposed to an alcohol reference.

  6. “There was an idea twenty-five years ago of dipping the books in the solution which they use for actresses’ dresses and scenery on the stage…”

    1. As I recall, at the ballet at least, vodka is a primary ingredient of that cleansing solution.

  7. I just looked up cowslip wine – apparently it takes a few days to make, so the gentleman bunny will be waiting a long time! LOL. I do love Beatrix Potter.

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