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We have so many craft books featured on this site. Holidays? Pick your favorite. Can’t decide which craft to try? We have you covered here. Holly and I have personal favorite craft books on this site: Applehead dolls, Pantyhose Crafts, and Macrame, to name a few. Old Testament toys might also join this esteemed list of crafts.

Old Testament theme? Not my favorite theme for crafting, but I suppose that might appeal to some folks. The color scheme is ugly and the 2 pages of photographs are not even amateur level. But the crafts…

  • Noah and his family finger puppets
  • Make a few frogs and locusts (you know, cuz plagues are cute!)
  • Moses parting the Red Sea. Notice the little arms and legs of the people drowning.
  • The best of the book: Joseph struggling to get out of the pit as a pop up toy.

I am trying to imagine if there is a New Testament craft book featuring lepers, stoning, and crucifixion.

Fun for the whole family!



noah's ark and others

frogs and locusts

parting the red sea

spotted leopard

joseph struggles to get out of the pit


  1. It’s all horrific, but Joseph’s struggle to pop up out of a yogurt cup will stay with me for a while.

    1. I agree! When I think of “toy” I think of happy and fun. That toy looks neither happy nor fun.

  2. This book is awful but also kind of amazing and I want to own it. Though I do hope there’s some sort of warning about which of these “toys” aren’t appropriate for children under three. The beads on the frogs eyes and Joseph’s crystal tears are choking hazards

  3. The cover is just one of those felt board thingies, isn’t it?

    The horses and camel are boxier than Lego. And who’s the guy who fell off one?

    The plague frog is happy and friendly?!

    Red Sea: This model costs nothing to make. Except your precious time on Earth, and a chunk of your dignity.

    If the leopard can change his spots, doesn’t that negate the Bible story’s moral, and is thus blasphemous?

    I’m pretty sure that Joseph’s brothers would have collectively been smart enough to throw him into a really deep pit that he couldn’t get his head, arms, and half his body out of. But the idea of Pop-Up Joseph makes me laugh too.

    This is one of the things that turns people off the Bible. I too wonder if there was a New Testament version, and am agog at thinking about what they might do with Revelation.

    Was this woman actually a non-Christian who was commissioned to do this book and decided to deliberately take bad pictures of stupid-looking crafts? I picture her coming up with these while drunk, and cackling while smoking a Marlboro as she drew the pictures.

  4. I guess I never heard the Bible story about a guy falling off a camel. I must’ve missed that Sunday.

    1. Katie, you made me LOL. I must have missed that Sunday too. Maybe it was in the Apocrypha.

  5. I have never seen this before, but some of these “crafts” don’t seem so far off from what I actually remember making in Sunday School.

    1. The horses and camel are too, the page before it was a serious messup at the printing press. HTH it wasn’t caught before the pages went to later steps I’m actually interested in knowing.

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