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Would You Put That in Writing? How to Write Your Way to Success in Business

Submitter: I just withdrew this from our community college library collection. The typewriter on the cover alone qualifies it for awfulness, but wait! There’s more! Do you need to know how to dictate documents to your secretary? “Dictator Rules in the Office” are provided. Rule 1: Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t mumble. This information so outdated it is funny. As a bonus, Christian privilege is on display with the 10 commandments for grammar in “thou shalt” format! 719 editions in 4 formats are in WorldCat, so we’ll be able to ILL this should we need it.

Holly: Thank goodness! Who knows when there might be a dictation emergency!

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  1. My boss still dictates, but the staff actually play it back at 1.3x speed. I’ll bet most young people are used to the visual nature of word processing and wouldn’t find dictation very useful, even if they had someone available to type it for them.

    1. Mine still dictates too and follows all those rules listed, except #4 to the extent that is listed.

  2. Christian privilege? I was under the impression that the Ten Commandments were a foundation of Judaism. I’ll see your Christian privilege and raise you Jewish erasure!

    Seriously, though, “Christian privilege” involving the use of the Ten Commandments as a reference point seems a little silly as a “bonus” reason to weed this. I think most non-Judaeo-Christian library patrons would be more frustrated by its lack of usefulness than by some list of a ten commandments of grammar.

    1. Agreed. The whole 10 Commandments/Top Ten List deal doesn’t smack of Judeo-Christian privilege to me…it’s just a trope.

    2. My primary complaint about the “thou shalt” list is that its style is completely at odds with the similar lists both before and after it on the page. I feel like the author is violating her own rules here.

  3. As a 29 year-old female attorney, I dictate. It’s still pretty normal in the practice of law, although before I started my current job I didn’t even know what a dictiphone was. However, the “Dictator Rules” are pretty obvious.

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