Published “One Million Years B.C.”

Raquel Welch coverRaquel: The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program

Submitter: Here is a trip back to 1984. This book offers a small bio in the front, followed by another section on the total beauty and exercise regimen by Raquel. It must be working because she still looks great today. What we loved most about this book was a the large section of glamor shots of 1984 Raquel that make up most of this book.

Holly: Raquel who? Ok, I do know who Raquel Welch is, but she’s currently 75 years old and doesn’t quite look like this anymore (although she does look fantastic!). This book is so awesome-80’s I can hardly stand it. She was quite…flexible…wasn’t she?!

Raquel Welch on magazines

Raquel Welch exercizing

Raquel Welcoh stretching


  1. For years whenever I asked my dad what he would like for his birthday or Father’s Day, he’d say “Raquel Welch”. Never mind that he’s a married man. More recently though he says she’s too old. That last part is true enough, my dad is at least a decade younger.

  2. My parents had this book as well as her yoga tapes. We used to (try to) do them together as a family in front of the VCR.

  3. I’ve been keeping a retro Suzanne Somers in my collection just to give dieters a sense of perspective!

  4. Everything on that woman between her nose and her knees has been surgically altered.

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