Proto Internet for Kids

a new true book InternetInternet

When I plucked this out of a library collection, I started to laugh because the average little kid would have no idea what this book was about. This book was written for their parents.

The Internet was still a novelty to most people at the time of publication. Services like AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve were the players in making the Internet accessible to the general public.

This is a nice snapshot of the early days of the Internet, but today’s kids aren’t really interested in digging into the Gopher servers.

I wonder whatever happened to my Compuserve address?


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  1. Wow! The internet could be used to communicate with someone in the far off, mystical location of Oregon! (Which is where I am from, and where I still live.)

  2. “Then maybe you’d like to write your state representative about your thoughts on school and the educational system.” The author has obviously never ever met a child. Unless it’s part of a class assignment, 99% of kids would never do that.

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