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Submitter: Our submission is from an academic library.  We just withdrew this today. Why are the guy’s pants falling down at the Polaroid Scavenger Hunt? And we think A Kiss is Still a Kiss is just asking for a sexual harassment lawsuit.  The sentence “The Police Department saved up their coupons for a weekend with the Superintendent” sounds sketchy at best.

Holly: No flipping way would anyone do a free kiss coupon and get away with it. Even hugs are sketchy. (Just don’t touch me! lol!) The content might have been mostly ok for about a minute in the 80s, but it’s long past its prime. These hometown productions, typed up by someone over at the local Recreation Commission, are cute – they’re just not that useful anymore.

Kiss is Still a Kiss

Polaroid Scavenger Hunt


  1. … I thought this meant computer programming. I’ve been out in the sun too long, probably.

  2. Giving free kiss coupons to kids???? That’s pedo bait right there! What is wrong with the author???

  3. So did they get buy-in from staff first? Or was it just an order: You must do this if requested, no matter what personal phobias or genuine concerns you may have?

  4. How did Minnesota get so deformed? And around here, police departments don’t have superintendents, but prisons do. Less sketchy or sketchier?

  5. Didn’t the whole “chaotic collage” illustration style on the cover die in the 1970s as well?

  6. Polaroid scavenger hunt? I remember Polaroid film being very expensive back in the day.

  7. We did some Polaroid scavenger hunts in college. I think the organization paid for the film and we borrowed cameras. At my college library we do an iPad scavenger hunt where the students run around taking group selfies, and I was stunned at how natural they all looked, while we all looked awkward in our Polaroids. 🙂

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