Problems Solved (in Alphabetical Order!)

a to z problem solver cover

A to Z Problem Solver
Warner and Reit

This little paperback is for all the teens suffering from angsty feelings about their appearance, the opposite sex, parents, and – wait for it – kookiness. Filled with 1 or 2 pages of a discussion about each problem, followed by a few questions for consideration. The basic gist is that you need to be tolerant of others, respect your parents and teachers, etc.

The illustrations are awful and really do nothing for the book. I am not a big fan of the A to Z way to explain stuff. I have never seen this really work unless it is a book about the alphabet. Is it supposed to imply a comprehensive coverage of a subject? For example: Sports A to Z, Computers A to Z, Sanitation Workers A to Z, and finally Police Officers A to Z. Just no.


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kookiness quiz

opposite sex

more opposite sex

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  1. Wow, are there a lot of assumptions in this book! From assuming that everyone is straight to assuming that everyone has two adults of opposite sexes living at home — and based on the pictures, assuming that all their readers are white. And yet, I was 23 when this book was published — not that far from the demographic — and probably wouldn’t have noticed anything odd about it. What is it about advice books that makes them seem to age fast, even when the advice (don’t pick your face, do go easy on yourself) is good?

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