The “Problem” of Unwed Mothers

counseling the unwed motherCounseling the Unwed Mother

Today’s youth would probably be shocked by the amount of shame associated with pregnancy out of wedlock. There was such a stigma that many young women were shamed into hiding.  If you were lucky enough to have resources, you could be shipped off to maternity homes or hidden with out of town relatives. Pregnant, unwed mothers were expected to keep a low profile and marry the father regardless of circumstances.

This particular title is geared to ministers and counselors in a pastoral setting. It is hardly surprising that nary a word is discussed about the men and their responsibility. (Other than they can be taken advantage of by morally questionable women trying to trap them.) It is just understood that women are on the hook for any moral failings.


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  1. Remember boys ‘n’ girls, just because God impregnated a woman who was already married doesn’t mean *you* shouldn’t marry the father of your child!

  2. Wow this book was judgy! Geez!
    My grandmother was a unwed mother. In 1921 no less! She was Catholic, alone in the world and she had my dad in July 1922. She raised him all by herself for years. I don’t know why she didn’t marry my dad’s father. That will forever remain a secret. I only recently learned his name!

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