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Princess of Wales
Fashion Handbook

The Princess of Wales was an icon of fashion during her short life. I was in college when she married Prince Charles and many of us got up early in the morning to watch the royal wedding. Back in the day, I got the feeling that you could slap the picture of the Princess on any book and it would probably sell millions.

This book was more about her personal fashion sense and had more narrative than I initially expected. I honestly was thinking this was going to be very little text and more a bundle of Diana’s memorable outfits. The designer and fashion types would find this a decent choice, the Princess Di fans would probably be disappointed there wasn’t much in there about her specifically.

The entire story of Diana is interesting and worthy of materials. If you were a teen or twenty-something during the 1980s, I would be willing to bet that you had something in your closet that was Diana-inspired. This book definitely has a place in a fashion/design collection. Public libraries would probably do better with something more current, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an automatic weed.


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    1. Ladies and gentlemen: meet the 80s.

      You could literally have an unlimited budget and still get stuck in junk like this.

      1. The back cover outfit is my favorite thing shown! She looks like some sort of royal super hero! If I were the princess of Wales (I’m a 41 year old overweight man) this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’d wear on a daily basis!

  1. Yes, this book is dated, but the idea is sound. My library just bought a copy of a new title called “HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style” that takes a look at the fashion sense of Diana, the Queen, Kate, and Meghan. It’s basically the 2021 version of this book.

  2. I remember getting up before dawn in college (between semesters, b/c summer) to watch the wedding too. What I wouldn’t have given for one of those newfangled VHS machines!

    I had a haircut rather like hers in that 3rd photo at the time, but no black evening gown to go with it.

    As her sons are still getting a fair amount of press, I think it would work for some libraries.

  3. Oh my gosh, though. Where did they get the illustrator who drew those women in the frocks? They look, at best, like children playing dress-up. They made me think of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters…

    I too remember getting up early to watch the royal wedding. Poor Lady Diana, RIP.

    1. Evil microcephalic stepsisters.

      They’d have been better off just drawing the dresses alone.

  4. The drawing of the blue dress looks like the paper doll from Once I was Obnoxious by Doris Sanford.

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