Primping and Painting

Take the pain out of painting cover
Take the Pain Out of Painting: Interiors

Submitter: This cover is a little weird.  Why did this guy get all dressed up just to paint? Shouldn’t he be worried about staining his clothes?  Maybe painting is such an important event for him he feels the need to dress up in formal attire.  The top hat really completes the ensemble, by the way.

Holly: He’s got that goofy hat on the covers of both his books.  The neighbors would be entertained to watch him paint exteriors in that getup! How strange!

Mary: Haege has done lots of radio and books on home improvement, and I am pretty sure the content is good.  I just wish they would give him a nicer cover.


  1. The formal attire is supposed to make you think you don’t get messy using his methods. They’re so effective you can do home repair and improvement while wearing top hat and tails. Get it?

  2. That there’s his painting suit. He’s also got a roofing suit, a car repairing suit, and a gardening suit. He’s really a lawyer.

  3. Look @ his bow tie. He appears to have painted part of it white! Perhaps when he was also painting his shirt front?

  4. yeaah he’s showing us that you can use your dressed up cloths while you paint without dripping on it.
    like in movies of adds.LOL
    it’s just a salesman, and i think his hat …is just because he is bolt.LOL

  5. A bow tie and a hat? Sure he’d not really the latest regeneration of a certain time traveler from Gallifrey? I wonder if that paintbrush is sonic.

  6. The Doctor would never look so poly poly. On the other hand, I’ll bet he’s more likable than Colin Baker.

  7. Maybe it’s psychology. If you wear an expensive suit you don’t DARE get a drip on it, thus making your painting technique much better.

  8. I really don’t see the resemblance, beyond the clothes being sortof suggestive of Hartnell. Not foppish enough to be Pertwee, and not “worn” enough to be any of them. On a side note, the BBC seems to be running through Doctors way too fast.

    Back to the book, why is his “title” left aligned when everything else is centered?

  9. @Lurker – Well, do any of them really resemble the other? Besides the love for Jelly Babies, that is. It was just the fact this one had a hat and a bow tie that made me think that.

    Maybe this incarnation loves Jelly Babies a little TOO much?

  10. Wow…when I saw this, I thought that was John Wayne Gacy on the cover. *creeped out*

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