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Beautiful Patchwork Gifts

I recently weeded this gem from my collection. No one had checked it out in quite a while and frankly the book itself was on its last legs. Content wise, it was a an easy to understand craft book. I have done a bit of quilting and these instructions and directions are quite good. An updated version of this book would be a slam dunk purchase for any collection.

The gifts are not that great. The Christmas clown is self-explanatory. The gifts below have quite a few steps and seem like a LOT of work for some mediocre gifts. Frankly, just make a quilt. It is a better use of time.



back cover

patchwork clown

patchwork tie

picture frame

patchwork doll


  1. You have triggered a childhood memory of toy similar to that clown living at our house, that we (the children) hated and thought was creepy.

    I’m sure someone thought that it was a lovely gift, but it really was not.

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering how you would ever knot the thing. Ties are made on the bias for a reason.

  2. I had a Little golden Book about making that kind of clown with Yo-Yo patches – it’s probably still in a stack somewhere.

  3. When we were kids my elderly great aunt gave my sister a clown very much like that that terrified her. It ended up working it’s way to the back of the junk drawer in the kitchen where it stayed until Mom sold the house a couple decades later.

  4. You know, I’ve been looking for one of those Yo-Yo Clowns for awhile. (But I specifically want a vintage one! Not brand new.) I just don’t want to spend $30 plus shipping & handling for one from Etsy.

    As for this book, I am proud to say no library in my system has it! Yay! We’re getting better at weeding!

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