Prepare for the Apocalypse

ApocalypsApocalypse 2012 covere 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization’s End

These are always fun books after the fact. Here we are, five years later, and civilization is still hanging in there. By a thread, probably, but we’re still here!

Look, libraries can absolutely buy these books. I don’t have any real beef with the book itself or the library in which it was found (public). I don’t personally go for apocalyptic non-fiction, but the library’s collection isn’t all about me, so that’s fine. This one has a science focus to balance those with a religious bent. Even if they don’t pan out when the time comes, people will read the book. Everyone has to know their own community and how it might go over with their clientele, but it was probably a reasonable choice in the library in which it was found.

The back cover is frightening (pictured below). It’s supposedly funny, though, so…bonus!


See you at the bitter end,



Apocalypse 2012 back cover

Apocalypse 2012 inside flap


  1. I’m always amused when I browse the book section at thrift stores and find “Bible Prophecy” titles like The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon or Is Saddam Hussein the Antichrist?

  2. When I saw this I thought Hey, that seems familiar. So I went to my shelf and found the 3 copies I have of his follow-up book, “AFTERMATH – A Guide to Preparing for and Surviving Apocalypse 2012.” I bought them after I managed to survive the apocalypse, when they were maybe 50cents each on a remaindered book site, to give my friends as gag gifts (which I forgot to do). BTW, the dust jacket flap text begins, “In his celebrated previous book…” I wonder who, exactly, celebrated it?

  3. It is pretty amazing we didn’t go extinct a long time ago. Since the start of human history we’ve been through all kinds of wars and plagues and disasters both natural and man-made, but we just keep coming back. We’re just like cockroaches!

    1. I’m sure the cockroaches say the same about us. At this rate, humans and cockroaches will be the only things left. We should attempt to find common ground. We both find ourselves in the kitchen, eating at odd times of night.

  4. Gee, back in 2010 you had a book I submitted on the “coming Ice Age,” now gone from your back archives (had to make space?)…….. this would have fit right in with that…….

  5. Actually the Mayan story is they have a party when the calendar counts down!

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