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You’re What?
Help and Hope for Pregnant Teens

Over the years, we have featured a few of these books. The common thread among most of these books are focused on the girl “in trouble”. Teen fathers, evidently get a pass. No questions for them on issues of morality or defiant behavior toward parents.

Like most of the other books we have featured on our site about this topic, this one is written with a eye toward Christian faith. On the plus side, the author is a little more forgiving and less judgmental about issues of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, the underlying thesis is still girls behaving badly, but at least she directs some of that  judgment to parents who are shaming or abandoning kids.

Not surprisingly, the issues of consent or criminal conduct was never considered. It was just considered to be a mistake or a girl causing trouble.


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    1. It’s probably supposed to be medical test results. Home pregnancy tests were first introduced to the USA in 1978 and didn’t look like they do today–there was a test tube and an eyedropper to add solutions. Things changed some by the date of this book, but home tests still weren’t ubiquitous, especially to teenagers living in places where they weren’t anonymous.

  1. “One out of every four teenage girls get pregnant before they reach age 20.” Aside from subject/verb disagreement, there’s a logical problem: at age 20 they’re no longer teenagers.

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