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What a totally groovy book! This showed up on my doorstep thanks to an active ALB spy in an unnamed public library. I was a young teen when this came out but I am sure if my library had it I would have checked it out at every opportunity. Maybe I did. I am rather old and forget quite a bit…

I think this particular book has done its duty many times over.  The number of pages torn and mended (and re-mended) speaks of many circs.  My favorite repair is a picture of John and Yoko that had a big slice/rip through it.  Someone in tech services made a faded copy from another book and pieced it all together.  I am figuring some Beatles fan got crazy and sliced up poor Yoko. This is a great item for any library music collection back in the day and it might even have merit today for those of us in a certain age group.  I certainly loved trying my best to remember band names and songs.  Test your memory with some of the pages.


PS. Since Davy Jones passed away yesterday, I thought it would be nice to put this post up today. Jones was one of my first tween crushes.  Also, Daydream Believer is one of the best songs EVER! RIP, Davy!

Inside flap

Bobbie Gentry

The Beatles

The Monkees

David Cassidy


  1. I know this may be a dumb question, but who is the guy playing the guitar on the cover?

  2. I had just finished reading a book of Monkees reminiscences that probably would rate an awful library book note (poor editing – and age) when I heard Davvy had passed on. I cried so much yesterday. I’d also just seen Davy do a show at B.B. Kings in New York City. My hubby and I noted that since we had seen his show in 2009, this time he seemed a bit slower, les animated. But to think he’d die in just 10 days was never a thought. It’s still just too much to grasp. BTW, the late John Stewart, of the Kingston Trio, was the composer of Daydream Believer. Neil Diamond did “I’m a Believer”.

  3. I had just finished a book that might have been submitted to Awful Library books because of age and editing – The Monkees : memories and the magic by Edward Wincentsen. It was a book of reminiscences of people who had or were fans of the Monkees. I turned it in on Tuesday, then Wednesday, Davy died. I cried from the moment I heard. I was one devastated fan. I had seen him art B.B. Kings in New York City on February 18th and my husband and I, who had seen Davy’s show at the same spot in 2009, said he seemd a bit older and slower this time around. We still didn’t imagine that Davy would be gone 10 days later. BTW, “Daydream Believer” was written by the late John Stewart, of the Kingston Trio. Neil Diamond wrote “I’m a Believer”.
    I still can’t get over the idea that Davy is gone….Sigh…

  4. Pretty much the only people I can identify without reading the captions are the Beatles, though I’m generally familiar with the Bee Gees, the Stones, and Pink Floyd. This doesn’t prove much, as my music pop culture knowledge is generally nonexistent and would probably prove about as bad with current stars.

  5. Oops. Guess I’m so unhappy over Davy dying I can’t keep the songs straight. I’m sorry.

    I’m sad I never got to see him perform live. I grew up on so many reruns and The Monkees was one of the shows I loved to watch as a kid.

  6. Monkeemania thrived in my parent’s house for 10 years thanks to reruns of ‘the Monkees’. My sister and I also watched ‘The Partridge Family’ occasionally. Hearing that Davy was gone soured the rest of my day. I saw him in a solo concert several years ago. He was phenomenal.
    Miss you much, good sir.

  7. Carrie, the guitarist on the cover is Marc Bolen. He was a very big star in England but most in the US know him from his band’s (T-Rex) song “Bang a Gong.”

    I actually have this book in my personal library, along with a number of other books on Rock and Roll.

  8. Carrie: I believe that is Marc Bolan on the cover. He joined the Band of the Dead a few years after that picture was taken (killed in a 1977 Mini + Tree = Death motoring accident). Don’t know how big T Rex ever got in the US, but they were important in British Glam Rock. In ‘All the Young Dudes’ Bowie sings ‘I don’t need sex when I’ve got T Rex…’. Bolan had his own TV programme ‘Marc’ which some of us remember zooming home from school to watch (videotape not yet having been invented). One of the old folks’ Gods!

  9. Thanks for answering my question Valerie and Ralph. Strangely I had never heard of him before now 🙂 Thanks again!

  10. Is is just me, or does David Cassidy look a wee bit constipated in that photo? Maybe he’s just embarrassed about his flaming pink pantsuit.

  11. I agree, Krista — but I thought he looked like he was trying not to wet his pants.

  12. @Carrie–don’t feel bad about not knowing Marc Bolan. He was a one-hit wonder in the US, though big in the UK. He also influenced a lot of punk and alternative bands (the Replacements covered “20th Century Boys”). This is clearly a British book, with the references to the skiffle genre (almost non-existent on the charts in the US, though it influenced more well-known artists like Van Morrison and The Beatles) and Cliff Richard (also big in the UK, his one hit in the US didn’t come until after this book was published).

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