Poodle Pompadours

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Submitter: This little bit of fluff crossed my desk because of its condition. It was split right down the middle as you can see in picture #2 / the spread. We won’t be sending this one off to the binder and instead be tossing it in the dog pound, I mean recycling bin.

Holly: My husband’s grandma has a standard poodle. I’ll have to send her the link to this post to get her opinion.

I don’t understand the Royal Dutch Clip. Basically, just shave the dog bald around its middle and down to the poofed tail? But…whyyyy?

Clip a poodle drawing

Poodle with a bow

Clip a Poodle painting

Clip a Poodle examples

Clip a poodle example


  1. actually really like this one, i have a soft spot for poodles and their weird haircuts.

  2. That Royal Dutch clip is the stupidest poodle clip I’ve seen, which is saying a lot. It doesn’t help either with the dog’s looks or comfort.

    Condition fail aside, I’m pretty sure clippers have options nowadays that they didn’t in 1963, and people probably watch YouTube videos on how to clip their poodles.

    I hope Holly’s grandma-in-law finds this amusing.

  3. (Did anyone else read the title as “Poodle Tomatoes”? I bet that dish is in one of the awful cookbooks we’ve seen.)

    1. Because there is a misspelling in the title — I am pretty sure they meant “Pompadours.” Although maybe they meant “Pomadours,” but I have no idea what they might be.

  4. Who was too cheap to make it all photos? The color designs are far worse than the two sketches. Really, the draw is cute pics of puppies and dogs and the hound hair-dos come in a distant second.

  5. All these old books even up to the 80s and 90s are liars: they make a great cover then the presentation inside is lackluster if not annoying. Judge these books by their covers: weed and withdraw.

  6. The very last picture has a Chewbacca vibe. Maybe it is where Lucas got his inspiration, LOL.

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