Plastic Pipe Furniture

Making Plastic Pipe Furniture coverMaking Plastic Pipe Furniture

​Submitter: This book has finally stopped checking out at our library so I can gladly weed it. This furniture probably IS cheap and easy to make (make your own plastic dining room table and chairs!), but I have to disagree with the author’s assertion that it is “possibly the most beautiful furniture anyone can build”. I just don’t see an umbrella stand made out of drain pipes fitting into most people’s decor nowadays – maybe if you had one of those 70s “junk art” houses, or you’re a hipster with an ironic appreciation for kitsch. Now some lucky DIYer can pick this up at our Friends’ book sale.

​Holly:​ I’m surprised it circulated for so long!  It’s an interesting idea, I guess, but the whole black-and-white format of the book is very dated.  I would not call this furniture “beautiful,” but it does have a certain practicality for the garage or as outdoor furniture.  There are lots of PVC furniture ideas on Pinterest, actually.

Making Plastic Pipe Furniture foreward

Plastic Pipe Furniture umbrella stand

Plastic Pipe Furniture dining room table


  1. You can make PVC chairs to go around your cable spool dining room table. It does sound like fun,
    but it should be weeded. I’m sure someone will enjoy buying it from the book sale.

  2. yes it is outdated, but man that book looks like fun to me. I was the kid that managed to mess up building a pre-cut wood birdhouse at camp. Who knows, maybe even I can build a chair out of pipes? 😉

  3. Pfft, I was making plastic pipe furniture before it went mainstream. Or something like that.

  4. Bachelor/student furniture. Anything outside of those two realms should be considered grounds for instant committal to the looney bin.

  5. I think it would be neat as outdoor furniture. Not indoors. I could actually see doing this, but also putting tiny little holes everywhere and a place you can attach a hose. That way you could use them both as a sprinkler for the garden and a way to cool off on hot days.

  6. Funny, I had a patron looking for this type of book just a few months ago and my library had nothing. He was disappointed.

  7. Well, it’s the most beautiful furniture that anybody can build. If you want something nicer, you leave out the people with two left thumbs.

  8. I’m not entirely sure “beautiful” is the most fitting descriptive of the furniture… It’s a relatively neat idea though.

  9. “Simple” and “Classic” aren’t really the two words I would use to describe this junk. On the other hand, what an awesome activity for kids to try to put together!

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