Planet X will destroy us…in 2003

Blindsided coverBlindsided: Planet X passes in 2033: Earthchanges!
(2nd Ed.) 2001

Submitter: This amazing conspiracy rant explains how the media, all the governments (except Putin’s Russia) and society in general suppress the truth that Planet X is coming to destroy civilization in 2003. (Oh wait…). Cited sources include news articles and prophecies by, amongst others, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce and various conspiracy theorists. Buy this book so you can survive what was coming in 2003! Small public library in Florida, found shelved in 550 with Space Science.

Holly: We dodged that bullet, I guess.

Why do I believe in Planet X

Degree Free

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  1. Because, sure, the kids from 2003 know who the heck Nancy Sinatra and Lee Greenwood are. So hip and happening!

    But at least by the doggerel on page 133, we can see he made a good decision not to go into show biz. The writing on the other pages makes me wish he’d decided not to go into the author biz. Rambling much?

    Also at least now that Florida library has shelf space for something else now.

    (make up your own joke about Florida and books here)

  2. This author made a real rookie mistake. Publishing 2 years before the predicted end (which is in the TITLE even) really shortens the selling time of the book.

  3. Noticed after my first post, it was a 2nd Edition. (Seriously?) I guess he was trying to boost sales for a last minute money grab.

  4. How lucky for us he chose saving the world over that sure-thing career in song-writing.

  5. Somebody help, I’ve read page 133 over and over and still do not get any humor or if there’s supposed to be a tune with it or what ohnoI’vegonecrosseyed.

  6. I was channel surfing last night, and AHC had an episode of “How The World Ends” from 2017 that took this Planet X crap seriously. Even called the believers “theorists” instead of “fabulists.”

  7. I see “please do your own research” was already a conspiracy-dog-whistle in 2001.

  8. Claiming legitimacy because you have no credentials to go after is an interesting tactic…

    1. Sub-subtitle: I’ve failed at everything, I’m just gonna make up and publish gibberish.

  9. I think Dad must have been a major influence on him. IMDB says of Lee Hazlewood (among many things) that “His first book, The Pope’s Daughter – a surreal combination of biblical imagery and a semi fictional account of his time with Nancy Sinatra – was published in 2002.”

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