Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

Pineapple Top Grower's Handbook

The Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

Submitter: Yes, it’s an entire book on how to grow a pineapple top. Was that hard to do in 1979?

Holly: Maybe this was a revolutionary idea to home gardeners in 1979. They didn’t have the benefit of seeing posts on this in Pinterest every time they log in. (And doing the same thing with potatoes, avocados, ginger, etc. etc. etc.) The 70s were a simpler time.

Pineapple Top Growsers Handbook Contents

Starting Your Own Pineapple Plants

Remove Pineapple Top

Plant pineapple top

9 to 16 months


    1. Me neither. My question is Why? I’m assuming that you don’t get another pineapple, and it does make a very attractive plant.

      1. cutting of the top and planting it will propagate an entirely new pineapple plant. If you wait long enough (and can keep the plant alive long enough) you will get another pineapple.

  1. And, oddly enough, yesterday I came home with a pineapple top from my partners place…what a timely ALB!

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