Pine Cones from “Mrs. Putter”

pinecone prettiesPinecone Pretties
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Schreuer (aka “Mrs. Putter”)

I get the craft from nature thing. I did a few pine cone crafts when I was a youth librarian. There is no shortage of them around here and the kids really enjoyed making the requisite peanut butter bird feeder. Pine cones are all over my yard, so maybe I should start gathering some. I mean it’s no applehead doll, but I could get behind a nice wreath. “Mrs Putter” (quotes hers) has quite a few ideas going. I wonder what her house looks like with pine cones everywhere. I was actually okay with some of these projects but the angel head is a bit creepy.

Holiday time is nearly here. Better gather up the pine cones before all the good ones are taken.


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  1. Now I’m thinking about a SpongeBob cartoon: “Where are the scented pine cones? It’s an emergency!”

  2. And again I’m reminded of how 1980 was really the last year of the 70s in so many ways…

  3. Pine cone crafts are pretty benign. I intend to make a few of the pine cone trees to spice up my Christmas village.

    However, the pine cone garland swagged across a fireplace with a real fire burning seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. I’m a guide at our local botanical garden, so I get a bit irritated when people continually refer to cones as “pine cones.” Guess what? Firs have cones, Western Red Cedars have cones, Larches have cones, Sequoias have cones, in fact ALL the conifers have cones, and none of them, save for Pine trees, have “pine cones.” They come in a vast array of colours and sizes (search for “Nikko Fir Cone” to see one of my favourites). These projects are for “cones,” period, the mechanism a conifer uses for perpetuating its species. Had to get that off my chest!

  5. I made the individual ornaments with fake birds and a light spray of gold paint or fake snow (back in the 70’s-80’s). Ribbon, wire, and they are at one with the tree.

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