Pickle Acceptance

cover of hickle going to school

Be Cool, Going to School
Hickle Pickle Books #3

Okay, this is a weird one. Evidently an alien pickle shows up and heads to school. I am not sure of the origin story, perhaps that is in the earlier part of this 6 part series. His name is Hickle. Hilarious, right? For reasons that are not quite clear, he is interested in where dill pickles came from. (Genealogy project?)

They went to their local library and looked up dill pickles in the OPAC and could only find out how to MAKE dill pickles. No info on the origin of pickles. Librarian tells them to go to a bigger library. (Really? That is the best this librarian can do?) They try the state library. More nothing. Finally, they call a pickle packing company. They send a letter, and a pickle company sends Hickle a book on the history of the pickle. Hickle has fun at school and likes being a pickle.

Not really sure what to make of this. I had trouble following the story.






draw a picture of hickle

hidden hickle


  1. Wait. What? Is Hickle aware that pickles are dilled to put them in jars so people can eat them? Hickle needs some sort of intervention.

  2. Well, I googled and found the book with Hickle’s origin story – https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/4955668-hickle-the-pickle

    “Follow the adventures of Hickle the Pickle, who as a special cucumber seed only used by pickle factories, gets mixed up with a bunch of wrong seeds and is planted in someone’s backyard garden. As a cucumber who would not settle for being sliced as bread and butter pickles, or being put into potato salad, Hickle leaves his clinging vine in search of adventure.”

    Also found the first one, “Hickle The Pickle,” “Off The Fine, Doing Fine,” and “Being Cool, Going To School” in WorldCat. Only 3 libraries are listed as having them, Library of Michigan, SEO Automation Consortium, and Library of Congress

  3. So… Hickle is a cucumber who grew in a domestic garden instead of a pickle factory, and he left because he didn’t want to be sliced up into pickles and eaten, but he wants to learn about his pickle heritage but at the the same time is aware that pickles get eaten?

    My brain feels pickled now.

    1. It gets worse. I found the entire series on Amazon and read what each one is about. In one he’s “suffering from depression” and his adoptive mother apparently tells him the cure is to find someone worse off than you. So she introduces him to a girl dying of cancer.

      What a great lesson to teach to kids. “Suffering from a mental illness that’s only treatable by medications and therapy? Go make friends with a dying kid instead!”

  4. Judging by the dated cover artwork and the title font, I would have thought this to be from the 60s or 70s, not the 90s.

  5. This was a waste of library funds and printing supplies from the get-go IMO.cu

    Is he even a pickle? If so, how did he survive the cucumber to pickle transition? Is there a shrink around who specializes in cucumber Stockholm Syndrome?

  6. The series becomes even more tragic in ‘It’s Keen to be Green’

    From Amazon: ‘Hickle is scared, the State spelling bee is close and he finds out that his friend Michelle who had cancer has passed away. He is a brave little pickle when he stands in front of the audience and spells to win. He also notices that they are all wearing green for him, not knowing it is Saint Patrick’s Day’

    Also be careful what you Google when looking for this series. I spelt series as sereis and got articles on how to ‘tickle his pickle’!

  7. OMG! I can’t even explain this. I looked them up on Amazon since someone mentioned they were on there. I was reading about the author. She self published through Kindle Direct Publishing, a branch of amazon.com Anyone can publish a book for free on there. I can’t imagine any library or school actually buying these for their collections. Brutal.

    1. So I’m thinking the author herself slapped the appropriate stickers on this and put it on the shelves.

      It still doesn’t explain the cucumber vs. pickle dilemma. Or, indeed, the whole damn idea. Is she a friend of the Naughty Horse woman?

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