Pick Your Perfect Partner

how to pick a mate

How to Pick a Mate
The Guide to a Happy Marriage
Adams and Packard

Finding the perfect match is a tough job. This book has all the quizzes, testimonials, case studies, and facts, to help you make a good decision about a life mate. Sample chapters include: Attracting the one you want; Is it Love – or Infatuation? and my particular favorite: Do you Frighten Possible Mates Away?  They also have a wide variety of quizzes and checklists to make sure you are not headed down the wrong path. In case anyone is keeping score, I think I qualify as an “unhappy” wife.






how to pick a mate back cover


quiz to see if you have a negative or positive personality

are you warm or cool by nature

are you in love?

Happy wives and happy husbands

more traits of happy husbands and happy wives


  1. Vance Packard really came to fame in the 1950s and 1960s with his commentaries on various aspects of American society: The Hidden Persuaders; The Status Seekers; The Waste Makers; The Pyramid Climbers; The Naked Society; etc. My dad had some of his books in paperback and I remember reading them when I was younger. I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some influence on the “Mad Men” TV series.

  2. My favorite question: “Do you really want to marry this person?” And I think that “unhappy wife” is mislabeled; it really should read “unhappy managerial personnel.” (But it has been a long week).

  3. The way the leaves are outlined in the tree first fooled me into thinking there was a question mark after “The Guide To A Happy Marriage.”

  4. I wonder what they mean by “more radical about sex morality” under traits of an unhappy husband.

  5. As Tony mentions, Vance Packard went on to become a renowned author and famous for “The Status Seekers” and “The Waste Makers.” In the early 1980s he was one of our customers at an electronics/hifi store I managed in southern CT, and I got his autograph.

  6. Mary, I have approximately equal qualities of happy and unhappy wives. What does that make me? 😀

    1. Maybe you are condemned to a marriage purgatory until you get with the program. 🙂

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