Perfecting your “come hither” look

Lingerie and SleepwearLingerie and Sleepwear: 24 Original Designs You Can Make Yourself

Submitter: My favorite lingerie pattern from this book is for a knitted bed jacket. I want to know what guy would actually find this attractive. It is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen!! The book contains some really off-the-wall garments and the best part is all the models are trying to look sexy & seductive while wearing them.

Holly: The bed jacket (pictured below) IS hideous! Is the idea to wear something so ugly that your partner wants to remove it quickly? She’s got the “come hither” look down-pat, though.

bed jacket


  1. Best. Fashion. Pic. Ever! I think its the puff balls that makes this outfit complete…

  2. The poor model has the same haircut that Gary Glitter sported.
    Think about having all those lumpy puff balls around you as you languish in bed.

  3. I want it. Not for myself but for a coworker who’s taking classes to get into the fashion industry. She’s always looking for things she can use in her designs and sewing.

  4. This is profoundly disturbing. I think lingerie is one of those things the average person shouldn’t attempt to DIY.

    1. I had the same first reaction, and then second guessed myself. Why? I mean, it’s under your clothes lots of the time. Nobody else has to see your bad stitches…. Well, nobody not of your choosing.

      And while we’re talking about the latter, if you’re at that “come hither” point isn’t your audience gonna be pretty sympathetic? I *hope* so. Anybody who wants to *be* hither with any urgency at all will disregard the pom pons.

      The worst sin of this title on its release was the soft filter on that cover shot. Now, okay, it’s out-of-date. But the hideousness thing here is much overblown. People get so catty about fashion and pop music. Yeah, it’s passé, we get it.

    2. Some people need to though. They don’t always make lingerie in the correct sizes or styles.

      If I could sew I’d totally make my own bras and shapewear.

  5. you’re making the assumption that women wear lingerie solely for their partners benefit and not just for themselves. I mean who wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a hand-knit teddy???

  6. I think my husband’s response would be “she’s not wearing anything under it…automatically hot” (saves me a fortune on lingerie). She’d do better without it entirely.

    But the cotton-crotch panties are skeeving me out.

    1. Why?

      Any urologist will tell you that plain white cotton is all a woman should wear. It’s “breathable” and therefore lowers the risks of a UTI or yeast infections.

      That was something my urologists drilled into me as a kid. (Loads of bladder and kidney problems.) Before I was even old enough to think about things like pretty panties VS granny panties. “No lace, silk, satin, nylon, or dyed panties.”

      Lace with a cotton crotch would mean she could still wear the “pretty” part while having the “healthy” part. Could do the same with the other materials as well.

      1. All I wear is cotton (though not always white) but I don’t wear some sort of bastard lace/cotton hybrid. If you’re going to go that route, better to slip into something else for the all of 5 minutes before you get out of them (IMO).

    2. And I think women who wear thongs might as well go comando. But most women I know completely disagree with me and tell me I’m an idiot and would probably say I’d be better off in the undies above then my granny panties.

      Let’s face it, we women can be completely utterly insane. Just go with it.

  7. That is SEXY. The book is the right age where that sweater could have led to the conception of my peers! Or something…

  8. What odd, fat legs this woman has. And the lighting makes it look like she didn’t shave ’em. Ick.

  9. Because “I made it myself!” is such a seductive thing to say! What man could resist?

  10. Ehm, her thighs? One emaciated (see tendon near hip) the other blob-tastic? Too. Weird. Between that and the Sheena Easton hair, this pic doesn’t even need to take the pom-pom cardi into account to fail…

  11. Let’s give the model some credit. No nose-job, boob-job, lip implants, etc. She’s the real deal. In nineteen eighty-something.

  12. my mom recently went in search of a bed jacket for a cousin who was dying of cancer. I didn’t think she’d be able to find one in this day and age, but remarkably, she did, and it was lovely. not like this crazy looking thing.

  13. While I do agree that the photos are hideous, I don’t think that this book should be discarded because of the photos. As a librarian and someone who loves to sew, I must say that good sewing books are hard to find. Sometimes you have to look past the outdated photos to learn some new techniques. I think making your own undergarments is brilliant–most of the store-bought slips are polyester, and I would much prefer one made of silk. And making your own undergarments out of your old t-shirts is a great way to reuse!

  14. i can’t be absolutely sure…but i think the 1st model might have on RED eye shadow.

  15. Idiots – they’re not fat legs, she’s that skinny you can’t tell she actually has her left leg crossed over her skinny right leg.

    1. It’s not so much that they’re “idiots,” it’s that women are horribly mean toward images of other women. The instinctive need to run each other down is there for yesterday’s issue of Cosmo, not just for 1980s sewing instruction books…. It’s seriously sad. Where’s that coming from?

      I’m a guy and while the high tube socks in that frisbee title seem dated, it’s not like I have some sort of tremendous desire to prove what a jerk the guy in the picture was. He’s just wearing what was cool back then. Things change.

      1. It’s because we women are always competing with each other for mates. Even the ones already mated have this instinctive need to run down any woman who might steal their mate’s attention.

        But then again, I notice men can be just as bad. As soon as a woman expresses an interest in another man, first words out of a guy’s mouth are “Oh you know he’s gay!” Even when the guy saying it is not at all interested in the woman in question. So insted of picking on looks or manner of dress or personality, he calls in question another guy’s sexuality.

        Human beings are so weird.

  16. If that book’s so great, how come the lady on the cover is alone? Hence, the patterns do not work.

      1. …which he’s run into to get away from the “surprise” she’s handcrafted.

  17. Okay, in defense of this book – not that I’m saying it should stay on library shelves – but I did buy a copy for my coworker who’s looking to make extra money sewing. Some of the designs are beautiful, even sexy! They’ve got a timeless, classy look you don’t find today.

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