Perfect Party, Perfect Wife

Entertaining to Please Him coverEntertaining to Please Him

Ladies! Here is your chance to really please your man. Forget all those other ways (nudge, nudge). What a man really wants is the perfect hostess. This book has all sorts of tips on entertaining. From planning to budgets, your parties will make you the perfect wife! Be sure to read the first page from the chapter titled Your Role as His Hostess. I particularly like the cover featuring a Stepford Wife/Fembot serving hors d’oeuvres.

Barbara Taylor Bradford is that Barbara Taylor Bradford of novel fame. Prior to her debut of A Woman of Substance, Bradford authored quite a few nonfiction lifestyle and decorating books. (We featured this one a few years ago.)

So break out the apron and improve your man’s life with help from Barbara.


Entertaining to Please Him back cover

Your Role as His Hostess

How formal should your dinner party be?

Entertaining Well in Special Situations


  1. Recently I was thinking about all the episodes of ’60s sitcoms in which the husband unexpectedly brings the boss home for dinner, and the wife was expected to rise to the occasion. . Did that ever happen in real life? Sure can’t imagine having my boss in my living room!

  2. This page didn’t want to load for me, at first. I suspect it was embarrassed to show itself.

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