A Perfect Figure in 15 Minutes a Day

Debbie Drake exercise book cover

Debbie Drake’s Easy Way to a Perfect Figure and Glowing Health

Debbie Drake was featured on our site back in 2011 with this exact book. The book’s condition was pretty sad and my scans weren’t very good. It was also missing a cover and when I found one with the cover intact, I thought it was time for a “do-over.” Debbie was a female version of Jack LaLanne .

The original post had some advice on how to exercise your hair and face. This time I included pictures from Debbie’s advice on how to get up from bed, increase your bust, and spot reduce your waist. You’re welcome.


back cover with reviews

exercises for hips and legs

increasing your bustline

waist exercises

how to wake up

teen exercise


  1. “It is an excellent gift to one you know well enough to make a subtle suggestion that they not only read, but follow the reading matter.” – subtle as a brick, and just as painful to be hit with.

  2. “A girl in her teens should identify her figure problems just as an older woman does…” Grrrrrrr. How many girls became anorexic because of sentiments like that?

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