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inventing for fun and profit

Inventing for Fun and Profit

Aside from the fact that this is outdated, it actually is a pretty good guide to the patent process (as far as I know). The chapters have decent examples and there is some good step by step instruction. I would have purchased this for a public library collection in a heartbeat, if this was 40 years ago. The patent office underwent some serious changes by 2000, including an official name change to the USPTO. At least once a year I get a reference question about copyright, trademarks, or patents. Only a few are ridiculous. (One lady said she had the cure to HIV infections.)  I am all about referrals to  Detroit Public Library’s Patent and Trademarks Research Center.  It’s a great resource for that serious inventor.


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  1. It’s the 40 years and what they picked.
    “We will explain the patent system with the example invention of nailing asbestos to gypsum.”
    Eh, OK, can you please do that somewhere else? Far away from me? Downwind, if possible?

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