Parenting in the 1990s

Parenting for the 90s cover

Parenting for the 1990s

This book is all about combining those past theories of parenting into a new model. It seems as if there is always a “breakthrough” in how we parent. This is more an academic discussion. There is a grid outlining various parenting philosophies that I doubt non-academics would find helpful. (I would be lying if I hadn’t thought about putting my kids in a Skinner box, just so everyone would be quiet.)

Parenting is just difficult no matter what. I read parenting books all through the 1990s when my kids were little. I am not sure that I had any particular moments of clarity or insight reading any of these books. The best advice is to keep trying and to keep reading, hoping one of these ideas or books will speak to your family.


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philosophy of parenting

an alternative perspective on parenting

fighting the television battle

use your words

changing behavior


  1. Most of the advice is ok… but 1) I wouldn’t expect most kids to be able to memorize a credit card number, and 2) why on earth would you teach a child how to use the family credit card number? That’s just begging for trouble!

    1. A credit card was the only way to make a non-collect long-distance call from a payphone or someone else’s house if you didn’t want them to have to pay for it. Long-distance was expensive! I had a credit card number memorized so I could call my parents when I was in high school.

  2. This might not be much use for the average parent but it does have a place in a school where early childhood development is taught. It’s good to get a bit of historical perspective.

    BTW, we have a cousin who did put his baby daughters in Skinner Boxes. They’re now successful and charming professionals.

  3. Hopefully the title will keep today’s parents from reading this. Although that chart is probably still applicable and we can only hope they chose the middle path.

    Maybe some now-grown children would get a laugh out of it when it goes to the book sale.

    I had a great 90s… I miss them…

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