Papa Don’t Preach

Madonna - cover

Submitter: 2003 doesn’t really seem like it was that long ago, but gee whiz is this dated now! This cover photo was bad even way back then. Zombie alert!

Holly: Preach, Papa, preach! Preach the righteousness of collection quality! That is a horrible picture for the cover. Of all the footage there is of Madonna, this is the best they could do? Maybe it was the most-clothed option. I’m a Madonna fan from way back, and she has ties to our home state of Michigan, so around here we need to keep things more current. She reinvents herself every couple of years,so 2003 is like a century in Madonna years!

Madonna - title page

Madonna - The Phenomenon


  1. Yeah, I was surprised that this was published in 2003! I was guessing mid-nineties based on the cover photo and design. By 2003, Madonna had already gone through her “Ray of Light” album and had an entirely different look going on.

  2. I would have thought that was Cyndi Lauper if it wasn’t for the title on the cover.

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