Pantyhose – not just for legs!

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Submitter: “We were fascinated by the full-sized hammock constructed of pantyhose and plastic six-pack rings, and thought it would make a great staff development day team-building activity to make one ourselves. Alas…..”

Holly: Once, again, here’s a really cool find!  There’s not a single thing “wrong” with this book.  The copy I got a hold of is in great physical shape.  There are definitely people who would be interested in making crafts out of just about anything…including pantyhose.  Every library and community is different.

Remember: Awful Library Books doesn’t mean they are awful books…we also like to call attention to books that are just plain different.  Who doesn’t want a life-size “livin’ doll” that you can sit in a chair by a window so passers-by will think there is someone at home…made out of old pantyhose?  Ok, that is kind of creepy.


  1. Life size dolls would be good for keeping burglars at bay when you’re not home.

    But I prefer using old pantyhose for storing onions or covering vents you don’t want dust to get in – or out – of.

    I understand that the soldiers in the middle east use pantyhose to keep sand out of their weapons.

    William Shatner suggests wearing pantyhose when you ride horses to cut down on chaffing.

    I don’t think I’d want to make a craft project out of pantyhose Shatner wore, even if I am a Trekkie.

  2. Who doesn’t want a life-size “livin’ doll” that you can sit in a chair by a window so passers-by will think there is someone at home…made out of old pantyhose?

    Ummmm….me? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping this book–think of it as recycling!

  3. Display it for a special “green” recycling shelf, sure. If it doesn’t circulate then, probably needs to go in the next book sale.

  4. The best part of this book is that it’s called “MORE great pantyhose crafts”. Clearly there are just too many great pantyhose crafts to contain in one edition!

  5. Indeed! Amazon still lists ‘The Great Pantyhose Crafts Book’. by Ed Baldwin. It was obviously such a succes that a follow on edition was needed.

  6. What i wonder is why two men have so much pantyhose to get two books out of it?

  7. all i know, is that the ‘someone’s definitely home, all you burglars’-effigy would scare the poo out of me every time i saw it in the periphery. i definitely don’t need a myocardial infarction lovingly hand-crafted from pantyhose.

  8. We used to have the original Great Pantyhose Crafts book at my library. Now it is in the directors office with some of the other funny cast-offs. We have an old juvenile book about Mars from the 50’s or 60’s that includes a picture of children walking around the planet surrounded by leafy plants. Currently it’s also lost in the office, but that book needs to be on here!

  9. Wow, I think we had that book. My mother and my aunt both made various pantyhose people. I think I might have too!

    It’s all coming back to me now…I remember making Santa and Mrs. Claus heads…The PTSD is returning.

  10. My mother still has one of these creepy pantyhose dolls dressed in a long antique christening gown lying around the house — I always have to banish it to another bedroom before I can get any sleep.

  11. Jane and Michael Stern wrote about this book in their “Encyclopedia of Bad Taste”. That it needed to be included in a book called “The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste” says something, I think.

  12. What a great site. It’s good to find a blog that doesn’t spend all its time trying giving itself analysis paralysis over various writings that probably don’t need disection.
    Many books are produced just for the fun of reading them or passing on unusual information, or getting the reader to think in a new or different way – adventure, fantasy (like my book), humour and many other fiction genres and non-fiction topics are just there for pleasure.

    Well done.

    Chris Warren
    Author and Freelance Writer
    Randolph’s Challenge Book One-The Pendulum Swings

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