Painting with Pixels

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Painting with Pixels: How to Draw with Your computer

Submitter: I checked it out a year or so ago solely to scan the cover, with no idea that there would one day be a venue in which it could find a home. Truly, it’s difficult to recall those heady early days of digital artistry, when the promises of being able to create multicolored swirls and beveled buttons were finally coming to fruition, and all our aesthetic preconceptions about good taste seemed about to be upended.

Holly: This book talks about components and peripheral devices for your computer, various software packages, and plug-ins.  It might have some good tips here and there, but is definitely out of date on the technology.  Considering the wealth of books, blogs, and magazines out there about digital art techniques, there’s no real reason to keep this one around.


  1. I still like to play around with MS Paint, and I think I’ve created similar stuff to that cover!

  2. Ugg… I remember “Computer Studies” class that was essentially ½ or more making posters in Print Shop Deluxe!

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