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Hospital Across The Bridge

We have a romance with a nurse trying to shape up a surgery department.  Rosemary, our featured nurse, is appalled at the lack of standards and procedures. The autoclave is broken and sterilization is haphazard at best. (My inner germaphobe was screaming!) Naturally, there is a dynamic with an obnoxious doctor that doesn’t appreciate a bossy nurse talking to him about safe procedures.

However, just like every other romance of the time, Rosemary falls for Nicaise, our obnoxious surgeon. She has even seen him with a girlfriend. Spoiler alert! In the last chapter, Nicaise comes to appreciate Rosemary and stands up with other surgeons to endorse her procedures. Nicaise makes the moves on her and she hesitates because of the girlfriend issue, but come to find out the “girlfriend” is really his sister! So, instead of being a two-timing asshat, he is just an asshat. Ain’t love grand!


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  1. Wow. Now I want to know where his retractor is. And why, if they’re not in the midst of surgery, is she wearing a mask? This book needs to be reclassified as mystery.

    1. Nurses in charge of a ward or other hospital unit are called sisters in the UK. The equivalent for men is Charge Nurse. Richard Asher warned his medical readers fifty years ago that saying “Morning, Sister!” when walking on to a ward in the US would be the equivalent of “How goes it, honey?” – best avoided!

      1. In a hospital, a “theatre” is an operating room. And not calling surgeons “Dr” goes back to when medicine and surgery were considered separate professions

  2. And an Australian thing; my uncle studied for years to become a ‘Doctor’ and upon becoming a surgeon, he’s back to ‘Mister’.
    To even think their autoclave is broken and the sterilisation is haphazard sends chills down my spine!

  3. It must be really annoying for nurses to get pestered by patients all the time and get pulled away from their real job of seducing surgeons. Isn’t that why they went to school all those years?

    1. When my mom was a pert young nursing student back in 1953 or so, she apparently impressed a surgical intern… who invited her to assist him in a dissection. He was appalled by the fact that instead of being squeamish and clingy, she was fascinated, and that was their first and last date.

      Moral: seducing surgeons with competence is harder than it looks.

      1. Not for any work that fell a little short of Shakespeare (though Will may have envied its sales. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on…)

  4. I’m taking a break for my school library duties and reading through this blog and I almost had to go into my storage room to keep from bursting out laughing at this one. I’m sure the students are already wondering why I keep grinning like an idiot.

    THANKS!! 🙂

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