Ouch! coverOuch! A Book About Cuts, Scratches, and Scrapes

Submitter: The information in this book is fine, but it’s pretty visually dated and hasn’t been checked out in about 10 years. Mostly I’m chuckling over the extremely dramatic, unrealistic drawings of blood spurting from assorted wounds. Be sure to check out the images of the interior pages for that.

Holly: Not to mention the advanced vocabulary, like “fibrin” and “platelets.”

Ouch! Blood spurting

Ouch! Sandbox

Ouch! Fibrin and platelets


  1. We own this book in our private, home library…but…we own a LOT of library discards, so…to each their own!

  2. Ugly, too technical, and the most important part — not checked out in a decade.

    Perhaps someone like ArrowStead will buy it in the book sale!

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