Oprah Up Close and Down Home

Oprah Up Close and Down UnderOprah! Up Close and Down Home

Submitter: I honestly thought this book had been weeded years ago after doing a pretty deep weeding session in the biographies. I was surprised to find it still on the shelf in 2019. The book has circulated once since 2001. It probably was an okay book to have in 1993 since Oprah was very popular at the time. The sad thing about this book is the format. A mass market paperback does not lend itself to really great photographs. Unfortunately there are several unflattering photos of Oprah. The photos of Oprah from 1988 and then 1991 placed next to each other are very telling of Oprah’s struggle with her weight. Then there is the advertisement for a historical romance stuck in the middle of the book that seems out of place for a biography. A lot has happened to Oprah since 1993 and this sad book needs updating.

Holly: Oprah is a legend! She deserves a place on the shelf in most public libraries. This book is missing 26 years of her story. I also don’t understand why they insist on using the worst possible pictures of some of these celebrities. Oprah is gorgeous, and there are plenty of better choices for a biography about her!

Oprah excerpt

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  1. And the author’s name! It seems that Nellie Bly’s journalist career took a strange turn after her death…

  2. I strongly suspect that this is some “unauthorized,” hastily-compiled bio on her, meant to cash in on her meteoric rise to uber-celebritydom, the grown-up version of those “boy band books” cashing in on the latest teen idols. Thus they bought what was available cheaply from the photo services like Wide World Photos, etc.

  3. I know one thing that is so truthful about Oprah. She is “A Unique Woman of Color”. One of a kind and has earned her markings, willingly…. I feel honored to know her and may she continue to soar in everything she set out to accomplish.

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