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Submitter: I can just imagine the pitch for this book: “It’s like All Creatures Great And Small, but about a dentist! For people! With cartoons of dental mishaps!” Wish I could see the librarian book that is blurbed on the back cover…

Holly: This is an odd little book. And that blurb on the back has nothing to do with this one. This is cataloged as biography, so it contains anecdotes from a dentist’s memoirs. It might have circulated in public libraries at the time it was published, but now it just seems really random.

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  1. I remember reading the Hornsby library book. It was about British libraries, but it was pretty hilarious, with bits of sad truth.

  2. Oooh, I don’t care about dental memoirs but I would LOVE to read Ken Hornsby’s “Is That the Library Speaking?” ….. now to look that one up ….. [Anyone else collect books about librarians?]

  3. There’s always a readership for “making of a doctor” memoirs and amusing medical stories. This probably isn’t a bad book of its kind. But the horrible amateur cartoons drag it down several notches! Throw out the cartoons, get a professional to design the cover, and maybe bring in an editor to polish up the writing, and it would have a whole new lease of life.

  4. What is going on in that cover? I hate to be juvenile, but that picture with that title – even in 1978 it must have made people do a double-take.

  5. Apart from the bad design and terrifying illustrations, the information would be totally obsolete. Dental science has progressed since 1978. At least I hope it has.

  6. I have seen Ken Hornsby’s ‘Is that the Library speaking’ and it was fairly excruciating. By today’s standards it was even racist, since I remember something about ‘a brown voice’ telephoning Mr Hornsby and saying ‘funny’ things to him. Eww. His whimsical anecdotes, like the dentist’s in the other book, were not really interesting or amusing to anybody other than the author. Indeed, that is the case with many autobiographies, especially self-published ones.

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