Oozing from every pore

oozing for my lord

Oozing for My Lord

Another unfortunate title in our ALB line up. The author, however, insists that this title came to her. This book is actually decent enough as a memoir/personal faith story. The contents are totally appropriate for a general religion section, but I just can’t get past the oozing.



oozing back cover

oozing forward


  1. If you experience oozing lasting more than four hours you should seek immediate medical help. And–pro tip–keep that sort of information to yourself.

    1. I just can’t stop thinking about what was oozing out of my cat’s head a few weeks ago after he had a heated discussion with a neighbour’s cat. I had to keep bathing it. UGH. (He’s fine now.)

  2. conversation in heaven: ha ha I wouldn’t want to be *that* woman’s lord. uh god see the forward? aw man. ha ha burn

  3. This reminds me of the second 1990’s Ninja Turtles movie: The Secret of the Ooze. “Like cowabunga dudes, we serve a Totally Awesome God!”

  4. I would love to know if this has circulated. I feel bad criticizing the title, considering where the author claims she got it, but it is just such a repugnant image that I wonder if any readers were able to get past it.

  5. Apparently, no one taught this author the difference between denotation and connotation. Sad.

  6. ‘Ooze’ is an old English word simply meaning ‘water’. We have several rivers here in Britain called ‘Ouse’, or some variant of it, including the one Virginia Woolf drowned herself in in Sussex. Not a good title for Ms Hearon-Love’s book, however! As an evangelical Christian she probably first thought of ‘bleeding’ for Her Lord, but that’s simply too creepy, isn’t it? Her use of the ugly word ‘oozing’ is therefore probably a euphemism, but still ludicrously inappropriate.

  7. Are you sure this title dates from 2007? The cover art is so hideous, would have thought it dated from the ’60s or ’70s…

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