One man’s loss is another man’s groin

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Keys to Mortgage Financing and Refinancing
Barron’s Business Keys
Friedman and Harris

Okay, I admit I picked this one just for the cover. Then I sent it to Holly and she came up with a brilliant title. See above. Although Holly and I are professionals with more than 20 years of experience each, we still have the sense of humor of your average 12 year old boy. Seriously, Barron’s did you not take this to a focus group? Maybe they were hoping some subtle design would make mortgage information sexy.

Now time for some library science:

1993 is way too old to be floating out there in a finance collection. Technology, tax laws, housing markets, as well as the mortgage industry itself have all changed in the last 25 years or so. Barron’s is well respected and produces many of these types of financial handbooks. I would imagine that Barron’s wants you to update too.


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financing in the 1990s

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  1. You never know — maybe the cover designer was also a 12 year old boy (inwardly). Maybe there should be a rule that covers should be run past tween boys before being printed.

    Having a finance book this old is worse than having nothing on it at all. Nowadays, doesn’t everyone refinance online?

  2. Why is it that when you’re 12 years old, anything to do with body parts is too “adult” but when you are an adult, anything to do with body parts is “immature”?

  3. When I was growing up, 5th grade humor was p00p and 7th grade s*x.

    This book is a hazard unless it is in special collection/archive and you read it knowing it’s not current advice.

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