“One Black, One White, One Blonde”

Mod Squad - cover

The Mod Squad
Assignment: The Hideout

Baby boomers, I know you are with me on this blast from the past. Mod Squad was the COOLEST show when I was a kid. I snatched this up in a sale and intend to give it a place of honor on my bookshelf.

The story: 3 problem young people are made undercover cops. Hippie flower child, Julie, bad-ass ghetto guy, Linc, and disowned rich kid, Pete comprised the team. Captain Greer was the mentor/father figure that kept the squad together and fought to have them accepted by the department.  “They can get to places we can’t!”

I am quite sure I probably walked around my junior high, trying to be hip by saying stuff like “solid, man.” Anyway, do me a solid and go weed the teen fiction, but save this kind of thing for the old people.

Keep the Faith,



Mod Squad - Pages 20 and 21

Mod Squad - Pages 68 and 69


  1. Note that “The FBI doesn’t have anything to do with espionage” (bottom of pg. 21)! And that cover art… someone please tell me the name of that school/style because it is the CLASSIC 1970s illustration method. We’ve seen it before.

    1. “Cosmic 60s” is perhaps a little more like the Bike Tripping cover art, but it does seem like the Mod Squad cover borrowed a lot from the style Peter Max referred to by that label.

  2. Great! Make me relive my 70’s envy for flat hair a la Peggy Lipton, Cher, Joni Mitchell, Mary Travers, blah, blah, blah…grrr! I spent most of my time taping my bangs to no avail!

  3. Good thing this is the authorized edition. Can’t imagine what made it into the unauthorized version! Groovy!

    1. I had that hair, but alas my parents forced me to have permanents and “bubble cuts.”

      1. Sorry, that comment was supposed to be under Angel’s post, don’t know why it did not stay there.

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