On all Fours

Mrs. Allen On All FoursMrs Allen on All Fours
Develop the Perfect Relationship with Your Pet

This is a dog training book, but of course my inner 12 year old boy was laughing at the title. Maybe because they use “Mrs. Allen” instead of her first name. It just sounds funny in a naughty way.

I can’t speak to Mrs Allens’s dog training abilities or the quality of the information, however, I am a bit put off by a lot of self-promotion of her products. I usually like to skip these kind of books when possible.

How did this title get out of an editorial meeting approved?


Mrs. Allen On All Fours back cover

Mrs. Allen with her pets

holidays with animals


  1. Are the images broken for anyone else or is it just me? I’ve been having computer problems all morning so I just want to double check.

      1. Nope, still broken. Maybe your hosting service also thought the content was, as we say in the academic world, “problematic”?

  2. Sorry for the problems. Hopefully I fixed the post pictures. The webmasters of this site should be fired. 🙂

  3. I couldn’t see the images in my feed reader (it’s probably still referencing the original problem post) but I can see them on the post itself. Well worth it!

  4. It’s her non-smile smile that’s getting to me with this one. (Now that the images are working.) She looks like she’s just smelled a really bad fart but not letting on.

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