Olympic Weather circa 1996

Olympic Weather Weather and the XXVI Olympiad: A Documentary of Weather Support for the 1996 Olympic Games
The National Weather Service

Submitter: This is a pamphlet published by the National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Commerce for the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia. It has a few interesting tidbits about weather and the Olympics. There was some concern about the weather in Atlanta for the summer games because apparently the weather can be quite active. The pamphlet details weather tracking, how to find out about weather conditions, and the technology that was available at the time. There is quite the list of software used to track the weather, including Wordperfect 6. Wordperfect was used to write weather status updates, which I found amusing that they felt the need to mention it. The book is a mere 54 pages, so there is not a lot of depth. The book is a curiosity in a small public library pretty far removed from Atlanta, Georgia. Because the information in the book is so outdated, It would be difficult to give this book to a kid writing a research paper on weather reporting and tracking. The book has never circulated.

Holly: This might have been interesting in 1996, but had a very short shelf life. I was curious if there is a whole series of these for each of the Olympic games, but I didn’t find any others in WorldCat. I can’t think of any reason to keep it – especially if it has never circulated. The technology section is ridiculous.

weather map Atlanta

Technology for weather


  1. So the 26th modern Olympiad was that span of about four years beginning with the opening of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and ending just before the beginning of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. A lot of weather happening in that span. Especially as an Olympiad, unlike Olympic Games, isn’t tied to a certain place.

  2. I believe that some important advancements in managing overheated horses, or the risk of overheating them, were developed for use at the Atlanta Olympics. There was considerable concern for the horses’ health during and strenuous exercise in the Georgia heat and humidity. Horses would probably do much better as part of the Winter Olympics.

  3. Looks like HP-UX CDE, an XWindow window manager/GUI running HP UNIX systems. Can’t quite make out what application is running, though.

  4. Ummm… yeah. Technology has changed a LOT in the last 20 something years. Apart from anything else, this is pre internet as we know it. if it’s never circulated and it’s not even good as local history, I agree – weed it!

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