Old school librarians vs the Internet

internet and computer fads

Internet and Personal Computing Fads
Bell, Berry, and Van Roekel

This was actually a fun book, from a historical perspective. At the time, this would have been an excellent addition to a public library collection. It’s an accessible book geared to those just stepping into the Internet. Is it relevant for today’s library users? Not really. If they ever do an updated version though, I will buy it for my library.

I remember recently talking to a young professional about the integration of technology in libraries. Most folks were okay with the OPAC since they had been around a long time. The Internet, databases, email, and basic technology support were well beyond some of the old school library types. There was a lot of resistance and discounting of computer based research.

Before the world of Awful Library Books, Holly and I spent a ridiculous amount of time presenting on how technology was an integral part of reference service. During a Q and A, I remember one particular woman squaring off with Holly about this “kind” of reference work was NOT what she signed up for her. Her response was “then you will never work for me” and suggested she wouldn’t last long as a librarian, because tech was here to stay. #goodtimes



  1. Let’s add to the cliches:

    Not one, but TWO, librarian authors named “Mary Ann”!

    1. Actually, the only confirmed librarian listed among the authors is named “James.” Seems like a cliche-buster to me! I do wonder what Mary Ann #2’s PhD is in – ideally it would be Computer Science.

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