Old School Finger Plays

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Let’s Do Finger Plays

A colleague was cleaning out the youth storytime collection when she ran across this little blast from the past. Of course we both knew immediately that we were looking at an antique given the “attractive” library binding. I recognized quite a few rhymes that are still going strong at storytimes. It’s a weeder since the librarian who found it buried in the collection had been here 12 years and was sure no one had needed it (or even knew it existed). Despite having a few redeeming qualities, it just needed to go for the casual racism and rather crunchy pages.



windshield wipers



      1. Exactly. Someone reported (below) the last model to have vacuum-powered wipers was a 1972. So in 1962 they would have been known about by many children from riding in even older year cars their parents, etc. had.

  1. Maybe I’m being obtuse, but why would the windshield wipers go more slowly going uphill and then speed up going downhill?

  2. Gee, what’s more wholesome than a finger play about boiling and shooting Native American children? Yikes!

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