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132 of the Most Unusual Cars That Ever Ran at Indianapolis

This is one of those niche books that might be wildly popular in some areas and the book equivalent of a doorstop in other areas. Here in Michigan, this book could have an audience. In my library, it is not unusual to run across retired auto people that have niche interests in cars. Just the other day, I had a long conversation with one of these guys about the development of carburetors over time. He even came back the next day a showed me clippings he had been saving over the years. Before I knew it I was searching google patents for some carburetors from the 1930s.  (BTW, I love the more esoteric discussions with patrons.)

This is one of those special books that would only appeal to a tiny percentage of users. The book itself is really just some pictures from the early days at Indianapolis with cars and drivers. If you are a race fan you might enjoy this. I know quite a few of the retired auto guys might be interested as well. Maybe I can talk my carburetor guy into a stretch goal of a book like this.

Drive safely, everyone.


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1923 race


  1. These (and old train books) are always a bit of a collection development dilemma for me. I wouldn’t mind keeping them, they don’t take up much space, but they are always so ugly! They are usually about this old – and look it, with yellowed pages, taped covers, etc – and you don’t see a lot of new stuff coming out at the adult level to fill the need if you weed for condition. The old guys that read them are really upset if the one they read twelve years ago isn’t there anymore, but they only circ about once a year or less per copy. You just can’t win.

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