Oh No! An Ass in Church!


Assassins in the Cathedral: [Festo Kivengere]

Submitter:I was just going through some of your recent posts, and came across the “Butt” Holed book.  It reminded me of an old favorite (now long gone from our collection).  I did manage to capture a picture, and it was around for several months after that to my knowledge.  Sorry it’s a bit blurry – I was probably laughing too hard when I took the picture to get a clear shot. The book was one of several in a series of Christian fiction for grade school children.  I always imagined whoever put the barcode on the cover got a good laugh that day.

Holly:WorldCat’s summary says, “The church in Uganda is threatened by the military and Yacobo must have the strength to survive.”  It’s likely a fine choice for a religious school library and maybe a public library in certain communities.  Now, though, a Christian book for children has “Ass” on the cover. Reeeeal nice.





  1. It still seems fitting for the current conditions in Uganda although maybe it should be “Ass in government”.

  2. The cover looks so 70s to me for some reason. Surprised at the 1999 date. LOl at the choice of where to put the barcode. So obvious the catologuer did it on purpose to get the iggles.

  3. As a British English speaker, I feel it only fair to point out that it must refer to a donkey, as the word referring to one’s derriere is spelt ‘arse’ in British English 😉

  4. Oh, I loved this series when I was in elementary school! My (Christian) school library had several, and I think I may have owned a few myself. Being the kind of child who actively sought out fiction based on the lives of obscure missionaries, I would have been horrified to see “the A word” on a book in the school library, but my classmates would have checked it out just for the giggles. And luckily I’ve lightened up since fourth grade.

  5. Yay! Thanks for sharing my find. I still laugh every time I see it.

    I think that sometimes things like this happen because libraries have very specific guidelines as to where they want the barcodes. If I were a processor, I’d just let a big “Mwaahahahaaa” every time something like this came up.

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