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The Office Telephone: A User’s Guide

This lovely book book is another result of the shake up and break up at AT&T that was in the late 70s and early 80s. It really was a bizarre time in telecommunications. My mother is still mad at the phone company for making her “buy” a phone.

If I were a librarian in the 1980s, I would have definitely picked several of these books. It was confusing for consumers and no doubt library reference desks were being inundated by phone drama. However, I am a bit concerned that these books are still floating around in 2021. Academic/ archive libraries could make a case, but public libraries should have tossed most of these after a few years, since the situation was constantly changing. Also, one look at that font should have been a big clue this book was old. Think of this as a reminder to get into your technology titles and weed.


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  1. My Dad continued to pay ‘rent’ on his old rotary phone into the late ’80s. One day the phone company called to tell him he could buy the phone for what he thought was an outrageous price, considering he could go to a department store and buy a phone for about $20. So he told them no, come and pick it up. They said, nevermind, just keep it. I still have that phone.

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