Off the Beadin’ Path

Off the Beadin' Path coverOff the Beadin’ Path

Submitter: We found this “gem” of a book in our K-8 school library. Contains beading instructions plus “inspiration” to silence your inner critic. Horrible pun in the title. The awkward photo on the cover!! Possibly a useful craft book back in 1997, but weeding it out now.

Holly: So it’s part crafting and part self-help? Interesting combination. I’m not convinced by the Mona Lisa smile she has on the cover. Is that the author or a model forced to wear that awesome beaded hat/crown thing?

Beads of wisdom

Your negative inner critic

Listening from within

Corkscrew and Zig Zag


    1. If it wasn’t 1997, I would say she’s looking at a seashell that is holding a cell phone.

      1. I’m not sure what the picture is supposed to be, but there certainly were cellphones in 1997.

  1. I’d say, pick a font and stick with it.
    Also, “It is impossible to look good and get better.” What does that mean?

    1. I’d interpret it to mean if you look truly good, you can’t one-up yourself. The supreme gift of an artist is to know when to stop.

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