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Nurses Dormitory coverNurses Dormitory
The intimate story of three nurses who loved the wrong men

What kind of women live inside the Nurse’s Dormitory? We have gold digger, Susie Miller. She grew up poor and is hoping to land herself a rich patient. Naturally, Susie’s first assignment is in OB/GYN. We also have Veronica Leighton. She loves the “boy next door” John Sernian (who also happens to be the super surgeon at the hospital). Will he ever think of her as a real woman? Finally, we have Lita Gray who has a glamorous movie star mother and grew up in sordid Hollywood. The doctor/nurse romance situation is also clouded by a mean and miserly hospital administrator. Will all these nurses find true love? Stay tuned!


Nurses Dormitory back cover

Nurses Dormitory excerpt

Nurses Dormitory excerpt


  1. nurses dormitory: the intimate story of three nurses who shared an aversion to looking at others’ faces and who eschewed apostrophes as well as capitalization – by oliver sacks

    1. Bob Kelso is wondering which one of the nurses is pretending that it wasn’t she who farted.

      I’m reminded of the story (told by Phil Hammond, I think) about a junior doctor who passed wind during a patient’s abdominal surgery, and faced the dilemma of either owning up and facing the music, or watching the surgeon extending the operation unnecessarily surgery looking for a wound in the patient’s bowel. Bravely and discreetly he spoke up: “I think it was Matron.”

  2. In an upcoming issue of one of the Transformers comics, it’s revealed that Thundercracker (Decepticon jet) has been working on a nurse romance screenplay. It is gloriously bad.

  3. Is it mandatory to have one blonde, one redhead and one brunette?? (in that case I really need to find new friends, sigh, we’re not colour-matched!)

    Let me take a guess: the (sexy) blonde is the golddigger. the (mousy) brunette has a hollywood mom, and the (fiery) redhead is the boy next door’s spunky kid sister.

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